I teach the following courses at MIT:

Occasionally, I write brief notes to supplement the lecture materials. Those notes, as well as my data science posts published on Medium and the MIT Sloan site, are gathered here.

I hope you find the notes useful. Feedback is welcome (@rama100, )

Exploring Data and Drawing Conclusions

Advice from the Data Science “Trenches”

Inspiration from Legends

The Intuition Behind Models and Algorithms

From Prediction to Action — How to Learn Optimal Policies From Data

If you know how to build predictive models, you can leverage this knowledge to learn optimal policies - rules that tell you the best way to act in various situations - directly from data.

Policy optimization problems are very common in the business world (e.g., arguably, every personalization problem is a policy optimization problem) and knowing how to solve them is a data science superpower. The following series of blog posts aims to give you that superpower :-)

Getting Your Hands on Useful Datasets

Resources for Self-Study

Random Stuff